How to cook pizza 'maltija'

How to cook pizza 'maltija'

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Prepare your ingrdients: thinly slice potato & tomatoes, slice onions, crush garlic, and remove the cheeslets from their retaining water

Start oven at 175 degrees celcius. Line the bottom of a dish with baking paper or greese with some oil. Roll the pizza dough and place it thinly on the base of the dish.

Start your pizza by distributing the tomatoes evenly.

Crumble the fresh Gozo Cheeslets - Gbejniet Friski - on top of the tomatoes.

Add one third of the onion mixture.

Crumble the dry Gozo Cheeslets - Gbejniet niexfin tal-Bzar - and add the crushed garlic, too.

Put the thinly sliced potatoes on top.

Add the rest of the onion mixture.

Finish off with a handful of rosemary.

Bake for about 30 minutes in a hot oven. Leave to cool a bit, cut up and serve!

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