How to make an apple souffle cake aka cordian cake

How to make an apple souffle cake aka cordian cake

This cake is a love child between an old style dense apple cake and a soufflé. Result, a rich and textured cake so fluffy your spoon glides through it like a cloud.

Get the sous chef and ingrediens ready! Preheat own to 180 degrees centigrade.

Ad all the dry components

Mix them well together

Mix the egg yolks and the soft butter until creamy

Ad to the dry mix with the spoons of milk.

Peal and cut the apples in dice size cubes. Ad cinnamon and some more sugar and get the apples coated well.

Take the 3 Egg whites and whisk them until stiff

Let the sous chef be amazed, it sticks!

Fold the eggwhites carefully into the batter.

Leave it roughly mixed

Fold in the apples.

Fill butter coated oven dishes 2/3 upp

Chop some almonds, my favorite is roasted salty ones.

Sprinkle almonds on top and place in oven for 20 min or until they have risen and have a nice brown crust.

Serve straight out if the oven with a side of vanilla ice and a nice cup if coffee.Note: If you want to take a picture, do not wait, this baby dropped an inch waiting for me playing around!

Remember to reward the sous chef well :)

Watch the video: Apple Cake Recipe Demonstration - (January 2022).