How to do pacman ghost nails

How to do pacman ghost nails

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Paint a base coat.

Paint your nails red, pink, blue (a bright blue), and orange.

Next you need a black striper/ nail art polish. I got this one for about $2 at Payless Shoe Store.

Paint three little black triangles on the tips of your nails.

Use a large dotting tool to make big white eyes. If you don't have dotting tools you can use a pen/pencil tip or whatever you like.

Then use a small dotting tool (or whatever you like) to make little blue eyes. Or black eyes, whichever you prefer.

Paint your thumb yellow if you want the PacMan, or one of the other colors if you just want ghosts.

Paint a black triangle like this for PacMan's mouth.

Add a little black dot for PacMan's eye.

Add topcoat, cleanup with a q-tip or small brush dipped in polish remover if needed. And you're done! Tell me what kind of guides you'd like and I'll work on them.

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