How to take amazing photos with hipstamatic

How to take amazing photos with hipstamatic

Hipstamatic is an app that feels like an analog camera. It comes with interchangeable lens, film and flashes that give you different effects. You can choose to shoot in low, medium or high quality.

Here's a look at one of the flashes. I generally don't use them but they have great effects.

You can even change the camera case which is pretty cool.

Here's the interface. The slider is for the flash. You shoot by tapping the yellow button (not shown), the iPhone's volume button or expanding the viewfinder and tapping the screen.

You even get to see your photos develop. The higher the resolution you shoot with the longer it takes to develop.

Try mixing and matching the lens and film and find what suits your style. For example I personally love shooting black and white.

Playing with angles and guiding the viewers eye makes for more interesting photos.

Using negative space can make a tremendous impact in photos.

A raised view of a scene can really help tell a visual story.

Setting up dynamic perspective is also a great trick.

Shooting mundane everyday things can be fun too. Most people can relate to drinking coffee at work.

The same goes with food. I've gotten into the habit of shooting my food when I go to places like Red Rooster.

I love portraits too but I only shoot candids. I think you capture more of who that person is if it's not posed.

Of course if someone is going to pose I still keep it natural and fun. This lens and film combination is one of my favorites.

My last tip is too shoot often but remember to take the time to observe your surroundings. Sometimes I don't shoot anything I just observe.

I hope you enjoyed this guide. I'm an avid iPhone Photographer as well as an iPad Artist. Feel free to leave feedback and I have more photos on Instagram. (raheemn)

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