How to make organic felt baby slippers

How to make organic felt baby slippers

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I don't use a pattern. It's easy to cut out though. For a pair of shoes, you will need: two long skinny strips for the base, and two ovals for the sole.

Wrap the base around the sole to make sure they match up with each other.

Start embroidering the top of the slipper base with blanket stitch. Make sure to leave a long tail.

Use blanket stitch to embroider the top of the slipper.

When you get to the end of the top of the slipper, wrap, and pin to the sole.

Start sewing through all the layers.

Sew around the slipper.

Pull the outside thread to the inside.

Tie off the two tails so the knot is hidden.

Do the same thing to the next shoe.

For the button hole, Cut a hole long enough for the button and enforce with embroidery thread.

Sew the button directly under the button hole.

Now you have two itty-bitty organic baby slippers. Good job!!

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