How to make a toasted turkey croissant sandwich

How to make a toasted turkey croissant sandwich

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Yum. Croissants. Don't they look delish? Totally not homemade, but 4 kids = store bought croissants. So lets dive in. Turn the oven on super low broil. Then slice the croissants in half.

Just so there's no question... Cut in half THIS way. Make a top and bottom. Or whatever.

This is the raspberry jam and Brie that I used. But use whatever brand you have stashed in your fridge that's still edible. Haha like people just normally have Brie in their fridge.... Please.

So you just want to slather the raspberry jam on one side of the bread. More is more. But I was running low on jam so I went less. Naturally. And the Brie isn't pretty. But it gets melty and nom.

So then before adding the turkey I pop these babies in the oven for a few minutes on very low broil. Get the Brie melty, baby! But if you leave them in the oven too long... Well, don't.

....or you'll get this... Which is ok... Still edible.. I think.

You really just want this. So broil it a little. So it's a leeeetle bit crisp and flaky. And if you want to butter the top a little before broiling... DO IT. You won't regret it. ENJOY!

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