How to make cold brew coffee

How to make cold brew coffee

Gather supplies an measure out 3/4's a cup of ground coffee. I used Folgers' Black Silk.

Pour in your coffee grounds into the pitcher. For more of a "kick" add an additional 1/4 cup of grounds.

Your coffee should look like this. Key word=should. It won't always look like that depending on the grounds.

This needs to sit for at least 10 hours in your fridge.

After 10 or more hours have passed, get a mesh strainer, it looks like a screen door. Strain out the grounds and if you don't have one, get around three paper towels and a strainer to strain it.

If you strain it well, there'll be a few coffee grounds, but no worries! You can strain it a second time if it seriously bothers you.

After, when you want some, pour yourself some with some ice and whatever stuff you want with it. :)

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