How to create a survival kit

How to create a survival kit

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Sometimes just the act of knitting a hat for a friend is actually a gift to the knitter as well, with the feelings of love and good wishes that are knit into every stitch.

There is a rhythm to knitting in rounds, rather than back and forth, continuing in an upward spiral.

Historically, quilters would purposely work an imperfection into every piece because no one can achieve perfection. It's our own imperfections that make a handmade piece special and unique.

Shape the crown of the hat, working less stitches on the rounds and winding down toward the completion of the project. Watch the decreases form an inward spiral toward the center point.

There comes a point during the crown decreases when the stitches no longer fit on the circular needle. The circumference of the remaining stitches is getting smaller and it's time to continue on to...

... double pointed needles (dpns).Tugging lightly on the yarn as it moves from one needle to the next will help to eliminate holes, but sometimes holes just happen.

Getting to the top, ready to pull the remaining stitches together and finish off. Think of who will be wearing this hat.

Keep it simple with a gathering of stitches, continue for a little tail, or maybe plan to add a pom pom? All of our design decisions come from within, and add a singular style to what we do.

A finished piece, a hat knit with love, ready to be a gift to a friend who will be feeling the warmth of your love every time she wears her new red hat. This guide was Written by Lisa Hoffman

Survival Lessons is an inspirational road map for making your life into the very best despite the sorrows you encounter.

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