How to cook frozen salmon that taste fresh!

How to cook frozen salmon that taste fresh!

Purchase frozen salmon about $9.99! I thawed out salmon in the refrigerator!

Dry out the salmon with a paper towel'

Sprinkle Chili powder all over the Salmon! Use as much as you like no more than a tablespoon

Sprinkle garlic powder all over salmon!

Sprinkle salt over salmon! Don't get heavy handed with the salt, use your judgement

Sprinkle two tablespoons of brown sugar! You must decide of you are seeking more spice than sweetness! If you like spice add more chili powder and some smoke paprika!

Pat all seasonings with your hand! Make sure the seasons are evenly spread

Place salmon in baking pan

Add cold real butter to salmon

Lightly drizzle honey over salmon

Place into pre -heated oven 425 degrees! Let salmon bake about 18-20 minutes do not overcook Or allow to dry out! At the twenty min mark turn oven to broil to make the top a little browner!

Place on serving dish! Look how tender meat is!!

Grab some fixings and you have a healthy meal! Let me know what you think! If you have questions post a comment

Watch the video: How to cook Frozen Salmon Fillets (January 2022).