How to make a tuna melt/sandwich

How to make a tuna melt/sandwich

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The Supplies

Make sure your knife is Extra Sharp

After Draining the Water, Pour the Tuna inside a bowl with the chopped up vegetables and (if you want) butter

Add 2-3 Tablespoons of Cream Cheese

Prep your frying pan with butter/olive oil

Pour the Mixture in the pan and work it for a while

Add the Spicy Mayo (or mayo) and Mustard.

Add Salad Dressing

After cooking for a while, pour your mixture back into the Bowl.

Spread the Butter on the bread

Cook the Toast with the butter and Mozzarella cheese on the side.

Put the cheese on the Bread . Cheese can either be cooked quite well or (what you like)

Place the lettuce and tomatoes on the Toast

Add the Tuna Mixture

And your done!! Enjoy!!

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