How to cook the perfect steak from start to finish

How to cook the perfect steak from start to finish

These are the steaks we got from BJ's (they have great ribeye steaks!)

Gather the supplies

Put the steaks on a plate to season them

Evenly and liberally coat the steaks in the salt - front and back

Wrap and refrigerate for at least 1 hour

After an hour, prep your grill! Grill temp should be around 500-600°

In the meantime, put a small amount of the oil onto one side of the steak

Check the heat...

And when ready, bring the steaks out!

Put the steaks on and close the lid. Don't touch them again for 2 minutes!

Perfect grill marks every time! Then, repeat steps 12 & 13. Remember, rotate, don't flip!

A rare steak will cook an additional 4 mins, medium rare an additional 6 mins, and well done an additional 10 mins

Let the steaks cool for at least 5 minutes

We usually cut ours open to check if its done.

Then, eat & enjoy!

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