How to make a chic necklace with brass washers

How to make a chic necklace with brass washers

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You will need 25 brass washers. If you choose to follow my pattern you will need four different sizes. (Use small washers to build it up) 4S-2M-3L-7XL-3L-2M-4S.

Cut your ribbon around 79cm long and start 8 inches away from the end.

Place the washer under the first one like so.

Then take the ribbon and pull it through the 1st washer again.

Pull it through like so, This might seem a little tricky but once you've got the first one right, the rest is just continuing.

Once you've pulled the ribbon through, you will have something like this. Continue doing this by following the pattern in the first step.

Try keeping the ribbon as neat as you can and complete the necklace.

TAADAA! You now have a pretty and chic necklace made with washers. If you have any questions about this tutorial, feel free to ask me. Enjoy :D

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