How to make a delicious & healthy kale salad

How to make a delicious & healthy kale salad

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Chop up that kale kids! I prefer mine chopped on the finer side, but it's your preference!

Put that green healthy goodness in the bowl of your choice. Keep in mind the final result will be double in size.

Fresh picked is obviously the way to go. Put these red babies in the bowl with the kale.

Alright, I'm cheating... But it will save you a TON of time. Go to Trader Joes, grab it & add it. It has broccoli, carrot, green & red cabbage, jicama, green bell pepper, radish and celery.

Looking delicious. Almost done!

I used roasted, unsalted sunflower seeds, but small pumpkin seeds are also awesome. Adds a little crunch.

Salt to taste.

So I cheated this time, but any vinegar/oil base is best. Sesame oil and a vinegar of your choice will work very well. Get adventurous and add some goat cheese too!

Voila! Serve it up and enjoy the loads of vitamins you'll be savoring. Like or comment with your own ideas to add to this tasty dish!

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