How to make yeon-ip ju (lotus makgeoli)

How to make yeon-ip ju (lotus makgeoli)

Prepare makgeoli yeast and water. Reduce variable and prevent pollution by bacterium, boil water first and use it after cool it down. Mix both and keep it one hour.

Wash sweet rice clearly and soak rice in water at least three hours. After than drain water through seive and leave it a hour. And then,Steam it!

Let the steamed rice chill. And then mix with yeast prepared. Do not squish rice while you mix It. Put mixture on lotus leaf carefuly.

Wrap mixture with lotus leaf. And tie it with rice straw.

Use alive lotus as a fermenter. Wrap prepared one looks like picture and fix lotus leaf with bamboo.

Ferment it three days. Because of ideal temperature of fermentation,early september in korea is the only time to brew lotus leaf makgeoli like in this way.

Three days later,open the lotus leaf and filter mixture inside of leaf with sanitized fabric.

Now,it's ready to serve lotus leaf makgeoli. How is it? Sweet and fruity!! Hope you try it! :)

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