How to make sweet chilli jam

How to make sweet chilli jam

Gather ingredients

Roughly chop and deseed peppers

Add to food processor

Chop chillies - keep the seeds

Add to food processor

Chop ginger and garlic and add to the mixer

Whizz ingredients until smooth

Pour mix into a heavy bottomed pan

Weigh out sugar

Add sugar to pan

Cherry tomatoes in a tin - who knew!!

Add tomatoes to the pan

Measure out the red wine vinegar

Add to the pan - easy so far isn't it?!

Mix well and bring to the boil

Skim off any scum from the surface and reduce heat to a simmer

Simmer for 1.5-2 hours until the jam is thick and sticky

Add to sterilised jars while still hot. Then put the kids in and allow to cool.

The jam will keep for 6 months unopened. But it probably won't last that long! Enjoy

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