How to simple fettuccine alfredo

How to simple fettuccine alfredo

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Heres ur sauce pan and noodle pot. Fill the pot with water about 3/4 to the top. Put it on high till it boils

Here's ur ingredients:) very simple and u should use a whisk for the sauce the butters in the fridge, i got shredded which is bad because the cheese takes forever to brake down i highly suggest grated

Next when the water boils add noodles and i like garlic olive oil for flavor an so they dont stick and some salt for flavor

Cut butter to break down faster:)

Add as much garlic and pepper as u like!:) stir well as u add everything

Add a little bit of parmesan. At a time keep stirring till thick when its done pit it on low and strain the noodles

Its finished and thick :)

A lot of noodles, i put a small scoop if the sauce so it wont stick to the pan:)


And here's the single serving or (small) :) ( sorry the paper is old haha)... Also it actually taste way better cooked in a sauce pan:)

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