How to make delicious lemonade!

How to make delicious lemonade!

Squeeze 3 or 4 limes/lemons. You gotta get ~100 ml of juice (1/3 of a glass).

Add some water. Fill the glass.

Now add the brown sugar (it's ok to use "normal" sugar, but this one's healthier & tastier). 5-6 teaspoons. Just add and try, but remember: later you're gonna add honey, so don't empty the package!

Improve your life listening to Django Reinhardt while doing this.

Add the ice and the spearmint.

(Cutting the leaves is recommended).

Now, it's honey time! One or two teaspoons will be enough.

Aaaaaaaand that's all! Enjoy it, and remember to do some exercise, eat healthy and all that stuff

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