How to save money in las vegas

How to save money in las vegas

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This is my current view as I'm making this guide. I'm at the Rivera hotel and casino for the APA Nation pool team championships. I don't shoot another match till tonight so I'm relaxing by the pool.

I've been in Vegas for 3 days now and so far I've only spent about $150. I've seen many shows. I've eaten plenty and I've had my share of drinks (hey. It's Vegas!!!)

So I figured I'll make this guide to share some of the ways I'm saving money. Vegas isn't cheap. But you can still have a great time with a low budget.

First of all you've got to get here. Not knowing where you are I can't give you exact examples. But look for best deals and buy your tickets early. Look for flight/hotel combo deals.

To travel the main strip. Use the Deuce bus service. Get a 24 hour pass for only $8. It'll take you anywhere on the main strip and they run both ways every 15 minutes.

A couple of stops I personally recommend but there are many others. Be sure to go to Fremont street. You'll find more free entertainment than I can list here.

Also go to Caesars Palace. I love this show with the statues that come to life and put on a show. Unfortunately the statue show is being renovated right now though. I saw it last time I was here.

For drinks. As you're gambling you get free drinks. Just be sure to tip the waitresses though. Or they'll take their time coming back to serve you again.

If you go to a bar in a casino. A single 12oz. Beer can run $5 and up. But get a 22oz beer in one of the stores in the casino for $3.99. Yes. You can take them just about anywhere.

For food. There are plenty of fast food places around. Most casinos also have food courts just like malls do.

You can also find coupon books all over the place. Lots of deals on food, shows and products.

Some shows run from $60 to a few hundred for a single ticket. But you can also find plenty of inexpensive or even free shows. Check each casino to see what they have to offer.

If you're looking for an affordable family friendly show. I highly recommend Mac King. Hilarious for both kids and adults.

Also get the app.

You'll find lots of deals. It'll also help you find places you're looking for.

Even as I was making this guide the app sent me a notification of a special offer.

One last tip. If you go to the Riviera casino. Be sure to rub the butts of the statues at the main doors for good luck. :)

Well. I've cover the basics (food, drinks, transportation and entertainment). I'll be in Vegas for 4 more days. I'll add more money saving tips as I discover them.

On a side. My team and I are competing in the largest nation pool team championship in the world for $25,000. Look it up on youtube (APA National team championships).Wish us luck. :)

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