How to Maintain Your Shelves

How to Maintain Your Shelves

Today we will be talking about how to properly create a book display for your section.

First start by getting familiar with your section. Make sure you only have the proper books in your section.

Start by picking a few books to put on top of your book shelf. Pick bright colored or interesting books.

Like so...

Then make sure the books are placed on top in order they would appear on the shelves.

I.e. : ALE comes before ALL and then ANG follows.

Make sure to toggle the books on top of the shelf.

Just like this. And then your done. Your displays look nice and clean. Congrats.

Now, maybe you're wondering what to do if you have a non-fiction section.

It is the same as the fiction, however there may be times when you have space left on your shelf.

OH NO! What can I do with this empty space????

Place a book from that shelf to fill the empty space.

Next we're going to talk about how books should be placed on the shelf.

You don't want to have your books pushed back.

It doesn't as neat or professional.

Always make sure to pull the books forward to the edge of the shelf. That ensures that your section will stay organized and fabulous! :)

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