How to paint piano nail art

How to paint piano nail art

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The colors I am using.

Start by painting your nails a light blue. If you are painting directly on your nails, make sure you use a base coat first to protect your nails.

Paint a white stripe diagonally across the top of the nail.

Using a toothpick, thin brush or dotting tool, paint black lines on the white.

Add two black keys, one higher then the other, as shown in the picture.

Now, add a silver line above the white.

I added some green and silver dots on the blue.

Start making a treble clef by making a dot.

Looks horrible but you get the idea.... :)

Make some music notes on your other nails

Add some more green and silver dots.

Here's what it looks like on my nails, using different colors. Hope this helped! check out my other guides!

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