How to use your ipad in the kitchen

How to use your ipad in the kitchen

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Clean the area you want to mount the iPad and rough it up with the steel wool. Finish the preparation by swabbing the area with paper towel wet with the alcohol.

After attaching the hooks to the iPad itself using ordinary tap or maybe masking tape will do, the outer edges were marked with an old eyebrow pencil. With the marks it was very easy to install hooks.

The iPad slides in just right and is out of harm's way.

Caution: apply a screen protector before use in the kitchen. An extra would be use of a stylus to keep greasy fingers from touching the screen.

A few extra steps added to what things look like as I prepare to use my Evernote cookbook. Evernote can store all of your plans, ideas, clippings and even graphics. Find it at

What I see as the app loads. Notice iPad is mounted on cupboard door.

Showing almost all my notebooks. Very blurry but you get the idea.

Once I click on cookbook this is what I see.

Finally, a recipe. Remember the screen protection is a must.

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