How to get lots of free stuff

How to get lots of free stuff

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Look at your free local kijiji ads! Most of the good things go quickly, so check often!

This website has tons of freebies! Go to:

Check your local area for any free events! You will be surprised at what you find! :)

This is one of the free events I went to! Amazing that a Hedley concert was free! I even got to meet them after :)

Download AppOfTheDay! Every day they have an app listed that used to cost money! Check every day though because it changes!

If you have a Costco membership you could always go there and take all the free samples! Mwahahaha! :)

My friend once found a paperclip in her goldfish! she called the company and they mailed her a $10 coupon! Not saying you should lie, but if this happens to you, take advantage of it! :)

Even though it's not free, check GroupOn for AMAZING deals!

Checkout 51 is another unique app that sends you cash back! All you do is take a photo of the receipt! Items change every week, usually they aren't beauty products :)

Look in the newspaper classifieds! People give away things for free or cheap all the time because they are moving, upgraded, or just need their stuff gone fast!

Check the newspaper for events too! Again, you will be surprise at what you find. I went to a free BBQ last week! With a bouncy castle!

The newspaper has many great deals too. $200 for free!?!? Count me in!

Looking for a pet? Don't pay for one! Get one for free! Usually they do not have their shots though, and only get a pet if you are prepared!

I hope this guide helps you out! The best things in life are free! :)

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