How to make bakar pandan cup cakes

How to make bakar pandan cup cakes

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Pandan leaves can be purchased at Asian food stores; it may be bought fresh or frozen, & it comes in a ready-to-use paste. One bottle lasts a long time, as the paste is highly concentrated.

To create a paste out of pandan leaves, cut them into 1-inch & place in a pot together with 1/2 cup water (put as many as will fit). Boil until leaves are soft, then put them with water in a blender.

Now we come to the recipe. First, preheat the oven on 175 degree.

Put all the ingredients into a blender except sesame seeds, mix them well.

Meanwhile, oil the cupcake containers and place them in the hot oven for seconds.

Take them out when you feel oil becomes hot. Pour the mixture into the containers and sprinkle some sesame seeds on the top.


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