How to make easy 5 min chocolate cake in a mug

How to make easy 5 min chocolate cake in a mug

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Here are my ingredients

Add the flour

Add the sugar, you can add 1 more tablespoon of sugar if you REALLY want!

Add the cocoa powder. I used chocolate orange and it is so yummy!! :)

Add the egg

Add milk

Add oil, feel free to use 1 tablespoon less.

Add a splash of vanilla essence/extract

It should look like this... :)

I couldn't find chocolate chips so I used Hershey's miniatures...

Hehehe lots of chocolate

Microwave at full power for 3mins. My microwave is 1000watts so adjust accordingly!

Don't worry, it won't spill! Be careful when taking it out though... The mug will be very hot...

See! It will go down!

Hehe eat it while it is warm or it will get rubbery...

When you get to about halfway you might want to put some more chocolate because it starts to get a bit dry... As an extra treat add some mini marshmallows at the same time as the choc chips!

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