How to make a leather wallet with secret compartment

How to make a leather wallet with secret compartment

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Draw your pattern, mine look like this, it has 4 part with total of 6 part (2 are similar), send your email to get this pattern

Printed on a paper and cut it with your xacto knife or a scissor

Gather your supplies

Trace the pattern with your prn on to your vegetable tan leather, remember to used as efficient as you can

Cut the traced pattern with your knife

Smooths the edges with your scissor as needed

Gather your cutted leather so you don't missed any part

On the biggest part of the leather draw a line that mark where later it should be fold

With your stitching groover skive the leather so it can be folded easily

It should be like this

Take the small part and alligned them together and sew on the mark previosly made and cut the excess leather

Glued them to the biggest part of the leather, do this on both side

Pound them with your hammer till it stick together, do this on both side

On the line that we made before spread a glue about 1cm wide across the line and then fold the leather and again pound the with your hammer untill it sticks together

On the middle side, mark a line about 3mm from the edges (on both side) with your pen

Use a stitching wheel to mark your stitches

It will look like this, i used 5mm gap in the wheels

Using a stitching hole plier punch the hole on each mark, carefull to punch the hole within the line

It should be like this

Start stitching...

It will look like this

Do the same method on the upper side, it should be like this

And then do the same method on the flap we made before

Like so

It should be like this

Start stitching..

It should be like this

Glued the secret compartment under the flaps ( but the left and right side only) and then glue the front side of the wallet

Should be like this

Hold until the glue dried

Using the same method on step 18 to mark the stitching hole and then start to stitch on both side

It should be like this

There you go..

Here is the wallet with a couples of card

Here you can see the wallet is empty

But wait.. There is 2000 rupiahs on the secret compartment.. Now you can buy a motorcycle with that money.. Enjoy...!!

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