How to make oreo cheesecake

How to make oreo cheesecake

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Today, im making no-bake, beautiful Oreo cheesecake

Im making them in cupcake liners. Put them in a cupcake pan if you have one. I don't, but i didn't let that stop me! Never let anything stop you! :)


Put the oreo's in a zip bag, and crush them with a rolling pin

Just ruffly, crush them! Set aside

Now put the digestive bisquits in another zip bag

Crush them! Fine sand

Put in a mixing bowl

Add melted butter

Get your pepper liners


And press with a spoon to form the crust

Like so!

Now, the filling! Cream cheese

Vanilla exstract

Confectiones sugar, or icing sugar

Lemon juice!

Mix together

Now in another bowl, whip the double cream

Whiped cream + cream cheese mix = LOVE!

Done! Almost....

Remeber these? Put them into the filling

Now the crust!

Add a layer of cream cheese filling

Repeat with the next cupcake-cheesecake

Put in the refridgeiater over night

And eat a snack

The original recepie, i got on youtube, a woman called Euguine made them! Subscripe!

The next day......

Tadaaaa!!!! Yummy right?

Me in a garden in copenhagen. Thank you so much for the 100 followers, and many likes! You guys make me so happy

Take care! And please follow! I will cake you!

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