How to make bacon wrapped stuffed figs

How to make bacon wrapped stuffed figs

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I grab as many figs off of my fig tree as I can.

Goat cheese





Wash the figs, cut the stems off, and make a tiny hole in them. This is where you will stuff the goat cheese.

This is how they will look once you wash and trim them.

Now slice your goat cheese. I find long, skinny slices work best.

Place the goat cheese slices in the cleaned, hollowed fig.

Next, slice your bacon in quarters or thirds, depending on how large your figs are. Wrap one bacon piece around each fig, securing it with the toothpick.

They will look similar to this.

and this

Now place a pecan in the top of each fig. The goat cheese helps to hold on to each pecan, so push the pecan in the goat cheese.

Like this

Finally, drizzle honey on each fig and broil until bacon is cooked. This is a wonderful appetizer and a great way to use all of the figs your fig tree produces.

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