How to fillet and skin a whole halibut

How to fillet and skin a whole halibut

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Place the halibut on a flat, sturdy work surface big enough to hold the fish. Make a cut along the gill plate to the bone.

Insert the knife at the center line and make a single cut to the backbone straight down. Then, starting at the head, begin to slide the knife down along the bones.

Continue along the length of the fish, making even cuts to neatly remove the fillet from the bones.

Repeat for the other fillet.

Turn fish over to cut fillets from belly side. There are four fillets on a halibut.

Remove the skin by inserting the knife about an inch up at the tail between the skin and fillet. By starting here you will be able to hold onto the skin better.

Work the knife down while you hold the skin to easily remove the skin from the fillet.

The skinless, boneless halibut fillets are ready to use in recipes.

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