How to bleach a pattern on shoes

How to bleach a pattern on shoes

First you want to be outside so you do not pass out from the bleach Smell

Now to the practice sheet you can use an old T-shirt or on a piece of paper this is just So you don't mess up on your shoes

Now for the straight edge and pencil this is just to keep your pattern straight And remember to do it lightly so it can easily be erased

The paint brushes are for applying the bleach to the shoes I used a bowl put in the bleach in so it was easy for me to transported to the bleach

you can also use a Q-tip the size paintbrushes are you used a size 3 and size 8

Now start your pattern

You are now done all you have to do is the second and let dry for 10 to 20 minutes

Watch the video: DIY BLEACHED VANS tutorial (November 2021).