How to make soy wax tarts!

How to make soy wax tarts!

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Wax tarts are really popular and kinda costly for what they are. You need two ingredients and about 20 minutes to make your own!

You need two things - pillar type soy candle wax and a candle safe fragrance oil. You cannot use essential oils for this application or fragrance oils that aren't candle safe.

Why? Because many fragrance and essential oils have low flash points, so they aren't suitable for candles. Ask your supplier if the fragrance oil you like is candle safe. (You also can't use perfume!)

Measure 90 grams or 3 ounces by weight into a heatproof container. I suggest this amount because that is how much I needed to make two packages of tarts, as seen on the cover of the guide.

You can melt as much wax as you want, just make sure it's soy pillar candle wax. Soy because it melts at lower temperatures than paraffin and pillar so it holds its shape after unmolding!

You can use all kinds of molds for wax tarts. The black is a silicone ice cube tray, the blue are for polymer and epoxy clay, and the orange is for Mod Podge shapes, but all work for tarts!

Heat the soy wax in a double boiler until completely melted. I don't recommend a microwave as it's just too unpredictable. Stir every once in a while. Remove from the heat when it's melted...

And looks like this. When the temperature reaches about 55C or 130F, add up to 10% (by weight) fragrance. Mix well...

And pour into your mold!

Let sit until hardened. Feel free to put it in the fridge to solidify quicker. (I found these plastic tart shell packages at Voyageur Soap & Candle.)

If the wax starts to harden, melt again until just liquid and pour into the mold. Don't melt it too much - fragrance oils are volatile, and it'll disappear as the temperature increases!

If you're using these plastic containers, really watch the temperature as you don't want THIS to happen! If you're using molds, you don't have to worry as much!

If you want to colour these, please make sure you use candle safe colours. These colour up to 25 pounds of wax, and they only cost $1.50! What a deal! Just scrape a little into the wax and mix...

Please don't use crayons to colour your wax. I know it seems logical, but they aren't intended to withstand melting! Those wax colours really are a good deal! Or leave them natural!

Make a cute label with a funky name like Swift's Sweet Shoppe Tarts and share with your friends and family! If you're storing them in plastic bags, avoid sandwich bags as they'll leach out the scent!

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