How to make s'mores pie pops

How to make s'mores pie pops

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

Gather your supplies. You will also need a little bit of flour and an egg (whites only).

Separate chocolate into 3 bars. It's OK if you put 3 individual bars together.

Spread a little bit of flour on a clean surface.

Lay out one of the pie crusts.

Place the chocolate bars on the pie crust and cut rectangles around the chocolate, leaving space along the perimeter.

Place the crusts and chocolate on your baking tray.

Place 6 marshmallows on each piece of chocolate and place the stick in the middle. It's OK if the stick won't lay flat. You can make it more stable when you add the top in a few minutes.

Lay out the second pie crust and cut out large rectangles. It's OK if they are not perfect.

Reserve 5 rectangles to make for the tops of your pie pops. Set aside. Put the rest of the dough in a bowl to use as needed for the next few steps. (Unused dough can be frozen for more pops later.)

Place one rectangle on top of a s'more. Press along the sides to seal the dough.

Add more dough if needed, then roll sides up to make an outer edge for your s'more.

Use a fork to decorate the edges.

Repeat for all pie pops.

Separate your egg white into a bowl. If you're not sure how to do this, look through my Snapguides because I made one on just this topic - and it's in a video format for easy viewing!

Whisk the egg white with a fork until frothy.

Use a pastry brush to add the egg whites to the s'mores pie pops.

Place pie pops in oven and bake for 15-17 minutes.

Remove from oven and allow to cool about 5-10 minutes. Push the stick gently into the chocolate so it will become more stable as the chocolate hardens.

Once cooled you can eat your s'mores pie pop! (Although I would recommend using a spatula to remove it from the baking pan.)

The marshmallows will melt into the chocolate, but leave the marshmallow shape in the crust. Eat and enjoy!