How to carry out the bleep test

How to carry out the bleep test

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The Bleep Test, or Multi-Stage Fitness Test, is used to assess your aerobic endurance. It is a useful tool for sports participants in a range of sports but particularly those who play in team sports.

Set up the running area by placing your 2 cones 20m apart in a straight line

Use your measuring tape to ensure you have measured 20m exactly and place your cones at either end.

Ensure participants are stood behind the line. Turn you app on, making sure you have the volume turned up and press 'Start Test'. The test will start immediately so make sure you are ready!

To complete a shuttle at least one foot must cross the line.

If you fail to get to the line you get a warning... Three consecutive warnings means you are out. Make sure you take a record of what level and shuttle you are on when eliminated.

If you are using the app version of the test, your level and shuttle will be on the screen. If you are using the CD and speaker then you must make sure you listen to the bleeps and count in your head.

You can now compare your score to the normative data tables and tables for your sport.... How do you compare?

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