How to make an upcycled whiteboard

How to make an upcycled whiteboard

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Supplies for our project.

We found our plexiglass storm window at Home Resource, a local repository of building materials from deconstructed buildings. You can also use an old wooden frame glass window.

We are making a Kanban board, dividing it into three sections prior to painting the white on. You can also make a calendar board or anything else you want, or leave it blank too.

The three sections divided by a sharpie line. Make it nice and dark so it will show up through the white paint.

Tape over the edges on the back side of the frame to protect it from the spray paint.

Pick a nice place to spray paint the back side of the window. This side will be against the wall and you will write on the untainted glass.

After two coats of paint. It took three coats to get a nice even color.

The backside of the window showing the window track to mount it on the wall. Hang from a screw sticking 1/8" out of wall.

You can write on the frame with a sharpie to label your columns.

Labeling the Kanban board.

The mounted whiteboard. Notice our handy Upcycled dry erase marker holder.

Finished product.

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