How to make your dog love to take pills

How to make your dog love to take pills

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Molly has to take a pill twice a day. She is very eager thanks to a little creativity and two common items around the house.

I haven't met a dog yet that doesn't like peanut butter.

I cut bread into long cubes. It cuts perfectly if you do it frozen. I keep a little Baggie of these bread strips in the freezer and pull one out when it's time for her medication.

Scoop out a small smidgen of peanut butter.

Smear onto one side of bread strip...

Place pill on peanut butter....

Press pill in...

Fold bread strip, allowing peanut butter to act as a sort of "glue" with pill tucked and hidden safely inside. (Yes I do know that bread & peanut butter aren't the healthiest foods for dogs )

This is the best way I've found to give Molly pills without forcing her... And she loves it.

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