How to change the oil on a motorcycle

How to change the oil on a motorcycle

If by chance you have a motorcycle jack, use it. I'm going to assume most people don't so ill do this snap guide without it.

I have a step in the front of my house, use a board to ramp the front wheel up to this and use another block for your kick stand to level the bike

My bike takes 3 quarts of motorcycle oil, and a 15mm socket for the drain plug. Make sure to use motorcycle oil, and not automotive oil.

Under my bike, this is where my drain plug is.

Put your oil catch pan and remove the drain plug

Directly in front of my drain plug is my filter.

Make sure the drain pan is under it as it will leak oil as soon as you start to take it off

Remove the film from the new filter

And use some old oil to grease the gasket on the new filter

Tighten everything back up and add your new oil , then start the bike and check your oil level

This is what I use, make sure to use motorcycle oil and not car oil.

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