How to cook spicy shakshouka lebanese style

How to cook spicy shakshouka lebanese style

You can cook shakshouka without grilling bell peppers & without peeling tomatoes. when you have all your ingredients ready, it will be done in 15 mins. Depends on how fast you cut the ingredients

Here are my ingredients. Cut tomatoes, cut onions, garlic, grilled bell peppers spices ( cumin seeds, pepperoncini, black peppercorns, salt, and 1Tsp of corn starch to add later to thicken the sauce

Grill the bell peppers

Put grilled bell peppers in a closed casserole. 30 mins later, wash away the skin.

Grilled bell peppers. Wash them under water and the black skin will go out. With a knife, scrap left black skin. Wash an dice

Prepare tomatoes to peel

Put them in boiling water. 30-40 seconds take out the skin and cut them in big cubes

Cut the onions

In a deep pan put 4TBsp of olive oil. On low fire. Add the diced onions. And crush the garlic over them.

Crush the seeds cumin, peppercorns and pepperoncini. Add to the onions. Add salt

Cut the bell peppers in small cubes

Add z tomatoes. Cover and cook on medium-low 40 mins. Taste. Adjust salt chili and cumin. if it still watery. Just add 1 Tsp of corn starch diluted in a bit of cold water. Mix & cook 10 more mins

Dilute corn starch in I bit of cold water. Add to your casserole. Cook on high fire. Mix frequently until it thickens

You can serve it as such.

Put the shakshouka salsa in a pan that can go to the oven. Add 4 - 6 eggs. And bake 15 mins in a hot oven 200 C. Yumm yumm

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