Tiny Microwave Cooks Food in the Palm of Your Hand

Tiny Microwave Cooks Food in the Palm of Your Hand

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Microwaves haven't changed much since they were created in 1946, but one company is seeking to change that. The modern microwave is a bulky appliance that takes up a lot of space in the kitchen, but many couldn't live without it.

The problem is, most of the time you don't need that much space to heat your food, and the device really isn't portable. This means that if you want to heat anything on the go, you'll need a campfire. and starting a fire on, let's say a city bus, isn't generally looked upon well. The Wayv Adventurer is a microwave that is the size of a thermos, and it will allow you to heat your food on the go as well as in your house, in much less space.

This little device is a fully functional 200-watt microwave with a battery life of 30 minutes on full power, but you can also plug it in and use it as a normal household appliance. A tiny microwave is well fit for the camping industry, or maybe those that live in super small apartments and homes.


The Adventurer uses laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductors instead of normal microwave generators, according to Gizmodo. These heated transistors allow for even cooking within the thermos-sized microwave and are the major innovation that keeps this device small. The company is hoping to bring this device to the American market next year with a price point of around US$200, which isn't bad considering what you're getting.

Wayv is bringing versatility to the options that are currently on the market for microwaves. What do you think? Will you be purchasing one of these tiny microwaves for your house, or maybe as a gift for someone who loves the outdoors?

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